Connecting the World’s Top Emerging STEM Talent

There are several websites that enable the self-promotion of student athletes, but there is nothing analogous for students who have a passion in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). STEMlete, a play on the word athlete, is a new, online, global community for students who are passionate and brilliant in STEM.

FocusWe are changing the focus

STEMlete is a STEM-focused community. We built STEMlete for “STEMletes” to promote themselves and get known.

CommunityWe are building a new kind of community

STEMlete offers a free set of capabilities to enable STEMletes to globally connect, communicate, collaborate, and create across different STEM disciplines, levels and languages.

InnovationWe are identifying the world’s most promising STEM talent

STEMletes can build feature-rich profiles to build their “brand identity” at an early age and establish evidence of their passion and brilliance in STEM via a portfolio of their achievements and more. Academia, industry, and others globally will be able to target early, track, and recruit the world’s most promising and talented STEMletes.

IdentifyWe are enabling innovation

By globally connecting, communicating, and collaborating with STEMletes with common interests, it is our goal that their creations will spur unimpeded global innovation to better humankind and the environment.

We Were Established with and Operate By These Core Values:

STEMlete Focus

Members of the STEMlete Community shall not post content (e.g., comments, documents, data, applications, images, audio, video/animation files, blogs, personal web pages, email messages, etc.) that is not consistent with the purpose of STEMlete.


STEMletes may not falsely claim another individual’s identity, intellectual property (e.g., innovations, methods, data, formulas) or accomplishments as their own. Nor are they to use or closely imitate the language and thoughts of another author without authorization and/or crediting the original author.

Mutual Respect

We expect STEMletes to show mutual respect for members and non-members of the community. Any form of disrespect, contempt, abuse, threat, or harassment based on age, caste, disability, language, nationality, race/ethnicity, religion, politics, gender, orientation, stereotype, opinion, or otherwise shall not be tolerated.


It is our vision that STEMlete will be a global incubator for innovation. Any of the intellectual property (e.g., innovations, methods, data, and formulas) that you originate and place on STEMlete is not the property of STEMlete. It is yours!