Build multiple timelines to include text, images, photographs, videos, and podcasts. For example, you can build a timeline of your academic career to show your accomplishments such as: winning the high school science fair, college acceptance letter, published research paper, and degree.


Store files including documents, images, photographs, videos, and podcasts. With MyStorage, you can bring their files anywhere and easily share them.


Advertise and provide online tutoring services with the option of collecting payments via Paypal. Earn an income for offering your knowledge, skills, and abilities to students who need help with a STEM subject you excel in. Learn from top international STEM talent. Note: STEMlete.org does not derive revenue from STEMletes offering tutoring services nor students receiving them.


Seek donations for your education, projects, groups and clubs directly from your profile via Paypal. Use your STEMlete profile to share videos, photographs, and commentary of your projects and studies. Utilize donations to raise funds for resources or competitions. Note: STEMlete.org does not derive revenue from any donations that STEMletes receive.


Ask questions, focused on a particular STEM area, to the entire STEMlete community. Polls are saved for future reference, allowing the community to share knowledge, seek insight from others and build a body-of-information. Polls can also be a great enabler of research.


What happened to your last science fair project? Is your board stored under your bed or in a closet? Share your projects and show evidence of your talent. Let college admissions staff, educators, and future employers see your work and passion for STEM.


Create a wiki to build a collection of knowledge about a particular STEM topic. Learn from other STEMletes who can receive suggestions for additions, changes, and/or deletions to it.


Use groups to help you connect and collaborate. For example, if you are working on a group project, you can create a secure group and use a free suite of tools, like instant messaging, blogs, and MyStorage to complete your project. On your group page, build a timeline to show your activities, events, and outcomes of your project and use it to enrich your presentation.


Receive video recommendations from teachers, peers, colleagues, or managers who can promote your STEM-related knowledge, skills, achievements, and character. Recommendations build credible and defensible evidence over time to help you succeed.


Write a blog to share your latest discoveries. Share your knowledge and interests to establish a following.

Multi-media sharing

Share photos, videos and podcasts of your research, work or inspiration.