STEMletes can start building their STEMlete profile in their early school years. As they progress through middle and high school, they can tailor their feature-rich profile to brand themselves and let their passion and brilliance for STEM be known. When they apply to a university, the Admissions Department will easily be able to view their STEMlete profile and see evidence of their brilliance, making them more competitive in the selection process.

STEMletes in college can continue to build and tailor their profiles to show evidence of their STEM passion and brilliance to enable them to be more competitive in their job search. For example, during a career fair, instead of handing a recruiter a copy of their resume, they can use a mobile device to show their STEMlete profile and interactively present evidence of their STEM accomplishments.



Increasingly, the best secondary schools and colleges/universities are becoming more competitive to gain entry. Parents can help their STEMletes build and tailor a feature-rich profile to brand themselves and let their STEM passion and brilliance known.



Colleges and universities can find and target the most passionate and brilliant STEM-focused students locally, nationally, and internationally to attend their institution. Professors will be able to globally connect with the best and brightest STEMletes to support them in their particular area of research. For example, a professor from the United States might identify graduate-level students with a passion and brilliance in Soil Science from Russia and India and invite them to apply to his/her university, collaborate on research, or co-author a paper.


Researchers and Innovators

Researchers and innovators can globally connect, communicate, and even potentially collaborate with STEMletes who might be able to help them advance their own individual research and innovation efforts.



Investors such as Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists can use STEMlete to globally search for promising investment opportunities. Likewise, STEMletes with an entrepreneurial spirit can use STEMlete to provide evidence to a global investor audience of the potential of their research and innovations.